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Introducing our Habitat Video Series!

Here at OC Habitats, we love educating others about all of the amazing, diverse habitats that can be found within Orange County, CA. Whether that be exploring those habitats in person or online, there are many mediums in which we can teach and you can learn!

Over the past year, OCH team members have been working on a habitat video series where each video highlights a different habitat found within Orange County. From the mountains to the seas you can find a range of different habitats including: coastal oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, riparian, coastal sage scrub, wetlands, coastal dunes, and tide pools.

This video serves as an introduction to Orange County's history and the range of habitats found within. Stay tuned for the rest of the videos of our series which will be posted on our website and on Instagram (@ochabitats), but in the meantime -- enjoy!

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