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OC Habitats (OCH) was founded in July 2017 and is based on the clear need for more habitat protection throughout the county. 


First, our founders felt that areas in Orange County needed more monitoring and data to support the protection of both the habitats and the species therein that already exist or need restoration.  OCH has partnered with various nonprofit and government agencies, such as Sea and Sage Audubon, Bolsa Chica Conservancy, USFWS, and California State Parks, to support the furtherance of these protections.  We monitor habitats, collect data, and share this data with key players in habitat protection to ensure healthy and viable habitat and species populations for years to come. 


An equally important goal of OCH is education and outreach.  We at och  believe that knowledge is power and the more individuals we can empower the better off our environment will be.  we educate directly on site during field monitoring, during scheduled habitat tour events, and through our habitat education programs that we provide to public, private, and home schools in and around orange county.  Our goal is to eventually be active in most of the habitat types in orange county and to provide a vital service the public in this area. 

Restoration of degraded habitats is the third arm of our organization. in 2019, we began to make an impact in earnest here in Orange County.  We have helped restore wetlands in Huntington and Newport Beaches and coastal sage scrub and chaparral in tustin and orange. 

All three of the goals come together to make OC Habitats.  We strive to make world better one person and event at a time.  If our mission speaks to your heart, join us!


Board of Directors

Stacey Chartier-Grable

Kimi Garcia

​Ginny Gregurek

Ross Griswold

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Stacey Chartier-Grable


Habitat protection and species conservation is a passion of ​Stacey Chartier-Grable. Stacey has both a business and environmental degree and background and is using her education and experience to build a strong and enduring grassroots organization that will last beyond her own tenure.  Stacey has worked in the environmental field in both private and government agencies in Orange County starting as far back as 1996. One of her top life goals is to preserve and protect our natural resources and species for the sake of future generations but also for their intrinsic value. Stacey grew up in Southern California and has raised two children, Q and Sam, with her husband, Don. She believes education is a powerful tool and is confident that the youth of today will be the leaders our world needs to handle the heavy task of moving our planet to a healthier place in the future. Through OCH and its mission, Stacey is working to give them the tools of knowledge and understanding to build positive habits will ensure a long and biologically diverse world that will continue to sustain all species of life.


Virginia “Ginny” Gregurek is a natural resource interpreter with over ten years of experience leading interpretive tidepool education in Orange County. Ginny is an avid hiker and has walked the California Coastal Trail from Oregon to Mexico. Recognizing the need to promote environmental literacy and the value of “nature learning”, Ginny continued her education by becoming a California Master Naturalist and a Certified Interpretive Guide. Ginny’s formal education is in Art History and uses this knowledge of interpreting the artwork of mankind into interpreting the masterwork of Mother Nature.  Ginny's enthusiasm for life and for the environment is contagious to all those she encounters.  She is an excellent educator and children and adults alike find her lessons interesting and informative. 


Ginny Gregurek

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Ross Griswold


Ross Griswold has never been a scientist and has never taken a biology class, it just wasn't his thing!  Ross earned his Geography/History degree from USC, worked in retail sales and service, married, and had three boys, who are all now grown men.   Ross retired early (in 2006) and wanted something to keep him out of trouble so he took up birding. He had never birded in his life and was so impressed by what great people birder's are! He has always been a photographer and started photographing birds early on.  He considers them easier to photograph since birds don't have a bad side, don't blink or get red eyes! Ross is a Western Snowy Plover and California Least Tern monitor with CDFW at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. He loves to share his knowledge and is willing to train others, which he likes to call Gilligan's Island Beach 3-hour Tour!


Kimi Garcia first got involved with OCH through the MBA program at CSULB where she and a team of three others created a business plan for the organization. She also serves as a board member on the greeNG club at Northrop Grumman and is passionate about educating others on environmental protection and holding large corporations accountable for their environmental impacts. With Kimi’s background in business and her determination to create positive change in the world, she is an excellent addition to the team.


Kimi Garcia




Bianca Borja


Bianca Borja - Student Liaison and Educator

Bianca Borja has a strong passion for keeping the environment clean and intact. While working towards her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, she focused her research on recycling and environmental education. She has years of experience in the educational field, and has worked with children at various schools and clubs where she taught about the environment and the importance of recycling.   Bianca works with OCH as a Habitat Monitor, Habitat Educator, and Student Liaison. 


Alice Carter - Advisor

Alice has worked in the finance industry for over 20 years and brings her experience to her role as OCH Treasurer.  She is committed to being a good steward to the earth and is excited to learn all she can about habitats through OCH.  Alice is an animal lover and enjoys  traveling.  With Alice's financial background, strong writing skills, and love for the environment she is an integral part to the development and maintenance of our organization. 


Alice Carter

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Danny Rivas


Danny Rivas - Monitor Trainer

Danny Rivas graduated from UC Merced with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences with an emphasis in ecology and evolutionary biology. He joined OCH to develop his skills monitoring at-risk coastal wildlife and aid in restoration efforts. His passion for conservation arose early, being in awe of the vast amounts of biodiversity present and learning of the current issues that threaten the health of biological communities. He is committed to serve his community and work towards preserving our habitats for future generations


Allie Wright- Social Media Manager

Since I was little, I always loved the beach! I have been spending time at our Orange County beaches my whole life. As I got older, I wanted to spend more time learning about the habitats and species that live there and how we as humans can help versus harm them. 

After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Hospitality Management, I wanted to volunteer my time in a cause that I am passionate about. Working for OC Habitats was the perfect fit! I am looking forward to continuing to raise awareness through our social media platforms to fellow beach lovers, to ensure we are all being mindful of our beautiful habitats in Orange County. 


Allie Wright


Hayley Taylor


Haley Taylor- Event Planning Manager

Growing up in Orange County, I was always so appreciative of the pristine coastline. After studying hospitality at Cal Poly Pomona, I knew I wanted to give back and help continue the upkeep and education of Orange County's coastlines. OC Habitats has combined my love for event planning with my passion for the environment, and I am excited to work with the OC community through local stores and vendors to help spread the word of conservation


OCH Monitors, Educators, and Volunteers


Judith Berman, Josh Ball, Kevin Bollman, Bianca Borja, Caitlin Callin, Tracey Clark, Michaela Coats, Tilly Duong, Abby Foster,  Kyle Fructuoso, Brett Fuller, Tania Garcia, Tom Gee, Mady Goetz, Sam Grable, RJ Gugliemo, Mark Holland, Melissa King, Drew Kosicki, Michelle Lee,  Dominique Murrillo, Haruka Noda, Devon Ohlwiler, Frank Palumbo, Marco Prado, Marina Premoli, Keeley Rasich, Tom Riley, Sydney Rilum, Danny Rivas, Tim Roberts, Darian Rubow, Amanda Savage, Ash Srivastava, Hayley Taylor, Regina Thompson, Phong Tran,  Joyce Vu, Allie Wright



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 OC Habitats does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.  OC Habitats has no religious or political affiliations.  All photos provided with permission of photographers: ©RossGriswold.2020, ©S. Chartier-Grable.2020, @BillHalladay.2018, and @DannyRivas.2018. All Rights Reserved.