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Our Story

OC Habitats (OCH) was founded in July 2017 and is based on the clear need for more habitat protection throughout the county. 


First, our founders felt that areas in Orange County needed more monitoring and data to support the protection of both the habitats and the species therein that already exist or need restoration.  OCH has partnered with various nonprofit and government agencies, such as Sea and Sage Audubon, Bolsa Chica Conservancy, USFWS, and California State Parks, to support the furtherance of these protections.  We monitor habitats, collect data, and share this data with key players in habitat protection to ensure healthy and viable habitat and species populations for years to come. 


An equally important goal of OCH is education and outreach.  We at OCH believe that knowledge is power and the more individuals we can empower the better off our environment will be.  We educate directly on site during field monitoring, during scheduled habitat tour events, and through our habitat education programs that we provide to public, private, and home schools in and around Orange County.  Our goal is to eventually be active in most of the habitat types in Orange County and to provide a vital service the public in this area. 

Restoration of degraded habitats is the third arm of our organization. In 2019, we began to make an impact in earnest here in Orange County.  We have helped restore wetlands in Huntington and Newport Beaches and coastal sage scrub and chaparral in Tustin and Orange. 

All three of the goals come together to make OC Habitats.  We strive to make world better one person and event at a time.  If our mission speaks to your heart, join us!

Board of Directors

Our board of directors are passionate about the environment and each uniquely educated to handle all the challenges that come with leading a non-profit dedicated to protecting the native ecosystems of Orange County, California




Kim Yumul
Program & Project Manager

Kim Yumul.jpg

Kim Yumul - Staff

Kim completed her bachelor’s degree in biological science with a concentration in marine biology at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). She's in the CSUF Zacherl Laboratory, where she studies the effects of Watersipora spp. on the recruitment and settlement of native Olympia oysters at Upper Newport Bay. She joined OC Habitats as an intern in January 2021. Kim is interested in the form and function of organisms as a biology major, so going out to OCH events such as habitat restoration and bird monitoring help her understand this important concept in science. As a staff member, she will continue to help in restoration, monitoring, education, and other OCH projects. Kim's goal is to help restore and conserve our natural habitats and the organisms in these areas for future generations. 


Gina Thompson - Staff

Gina is super excited to be back at OC Habitats as a staff member! She has been volunteering with OCH for years and had a year-long internship starting in August of 2020. Throughout her internship she led several C&C presentations along with helping with restoration, education, and outreach projects. She is currently getting her bachelor’s degree at Oberlin College in Ohio, majoring in Environmental Studies with a possible double major in English. Gina is looking forward to getting even more experience with OCH’s many fulfilling and impactful projects as a staff member. She will carry that experience and knowledge with her as she continues her education with the hope of informing more people about environmental issues and furthering the work being done to solve the global climate crisis.


Gina Thompson
Project Lead


Jessica Brogna
Project Lead

Jessica Brogna_edited.jpg

Jessica Brogna - Staff

Jess is from Stockton, CA and is a recent graduate of CSULB, majoring in Environmental Science and Policy. She interned with OCH during her last semester of college. As an intern, Jess collaborated with Get Inspired to build our Sea Urchin Monitoring program. Habitat restoration is her favorite part of OCH's work because for Jess, restoring habitats is such a gratifying experience to know that she is making a difference in the area. Her environmental passions center around the ocean, but she's also recently been interested in sustainable agriculture and urban agriculture since doing a research project on those topics for a class. Finally, Jess is the newest staff member here at OCH! As a staff member, she will provide mentorship and leadership to our interns and volunteers. We're very excited to work with her!


Gabby Lopez - Staff

Gabby is a local of Orange County, born in Santa Ana, and a recent graduate of Cal State Long Beach University. Before earning her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Policy, she started with OCH as an intern. With this internship, Gabby had the opportunity to establish a restoration partnership with Santa Ana city officials and OC Habitats in local parks. After her internship, she was hired as a staff member in the early spring of 2023 where she has continued her restoration project in Santa Ana and has led many educational programs throughout Orange County school districts. Gabby is very excited to be expanding her environmental skills and knowledge with OC Habitats and hopes to continue working in the restoration, education, and hiking projects done here at OCH.


Gabby Lopez
Project Lead

Gabby Lopez.jpeg

Linsey Schroll

Project and Program Lead


Linsey Schroll - Staff

Linsey is a former OCH intern and recently graduated with her bachelors in Environmental Science and Policy from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). At CSULB, she completed her capstone project analyzing the landscape conversion impacts on the blue oak (Quercus douglasii) community from Euro-American settlement to present day in the Upper Tule watershed, California. Linsey is also passionate about helping her community through restoration and education. She enjoys passing her knowledge of the environment on to others and making a difference restoring the health of Orange County's many habitats. Linsey is excited to continue her journey with OC Habitats as a staff member.




Tiffany Sun

Tabitha Martinez

Isaac Orozco

Tiffany Sun_edited.jpg

Mattie Margrave

Tabitha Martinez.jpeg

Cecilia Kuang


David Nyquist

Mattie Margrave.jpeg
Cecilia Kuang
David Nyquist_edited_edited.jpg



OCH Monitors, Educators, and Volunteers


OC Habitats relies heavily on our volunteers to accomplish the many tasks of our mission. We have active volunteers who work with us each month to work on a variety of projects and programs and we have our OCH Friends who join us for events throughout the year. We are thankful for all of our team and all the hard work and dedication they provide our organization. 

CA Poppy_Zoya Akulova.jpeg
Peter Lam.jpg
Tom Gee, Kevin Bartelheim, Melody Aminian, Dianne Biggs, Lara Wilson,
Michelle L. , Marjorie & Joe King, Judy Bermann, Peter Lam


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