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Orange County's Main Habitats Video Series

Orange County is filled with a variety of diverse habitats from the Santa Ana Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.  As part of our mission, OC Habitats strives to bring awareness and education to the public on these habitats and the species therein.  From the chaparral covered hills to the coastal sand dunes and tide pools we explore the importance of these habitats to those that reside in them but to the overall balance of nature within the Orange County area.  

In 2020, we launched the first of our habitat video series, The Native Habitats of Orange County.  This video is a short film that gives an overview of Orange County and introduces the many habitats we encounter every day.  Subsequent videos are in progress to give more detail of each of the main habitats and issues that Orange County faces as population rises and climate change issues increase.  

We hope you enjoy the show!


The Habitats of Orange County

Coastal Dunes

Intertidal - Tide Pools

Riparian Zone

Coastal Sage Scrub & Chaparral

Oak Woodlands





OC Habitats coloring book was finished in 2020. This original coloring book with artwork from Olivia Richardson goes along with our habitat video series and habitat education programs. Below are two samples of what you will see inside our book. This book not only has beautiful pages to color but interesting facts about each of the main habitats and species that reside in Orange County, California!


Our books are free by request with a donation of $25 or more, check out our donate page to get yours today!



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